How to find reliable source on the internet

There are several ways to find the reliable source. For example

1) Google scholar: Google scholar gives us an idea to find a reliable source of an article. After looking at the article we can find out is that reliable or not. Additionally, we can see their article cited by how many people through that also we can figure out.

2) The source itself: source also gives us clear picture that article is reliable or not, for example, any website from the government or any trusted organisation website we considered as reliable like, Apart from that information like if someone wants to know about “IIMA” then better to visit the IIMA website or blog instead of Wikipedia or any other sources. So source also gives us a picture of the reliability.

3)      Domain name: through the domain name also we can figure out the reliability like domain name .gov.

4)      Article from reputed magazine, news channel, newspaper etc. we can also figure out the reliability of the article looking source as above explained for example BBC, THE HINDU etc.

5)      Profile of the author/writer: we can also think about the writer to figure out the reliability like of an article is written by an artist about the health care then we need to beware while considering the article it may be unreliable.

6)       Pop-up: at some extend pop-up also give bit idea. Like the websites contains more pop up usually we have to think about reliability. Besides sometimes it’s not a suitable yardstick to measure the reliability of Indian Railway site also contains pop up but it is a good source. But we can consider it as an indicator.

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