Kalanjiam strong India, Women strong India


Kalanjiam strong India, Women strong India: its almost unbelievable.. This is a common story of the poor/ultra poor women who were suffering due to trickle down effect of poverty joins their hands together to come out of poverty. In the process, at the vllage level they became part of Kalanjiam Self Help Group (15-20 family), at Panchayat level their leadership emerges by becoming Cluster leader and similarly at the block level they became part of federation. In Kalanjiam, usually a Federation can be promoted after reaching 3000-4000 poor family at block level. Kalanjiam provides professional assistance to the village/cluster/federation level institution to help them to come out of poverty. The professional staffs are adhere to asses each of the member’s family situation and they design family specific products (on livelihood, health, credit support, agriculture, education, etc) to help them to come out of poverty.

By now, 13 Lakh poor women are part of the mission from 13 states of India and So, far 3 lakh poor family are came out of the poverty (declared by the member itself). It’s amazing in India where men are dominant. But in this case women are taken the lead.

Right now we are working in 13 states, and from the each state 1 woman elected as a state representative cum board member of Kalanjiam Movement. The 13 womens are now national leaders, and they are showing a path to all the women of India. Now India is turning women strong India.

When Sri Atal Bihari Vajpeyi was PM, he was bowed before Chinnapalai Amma (Kalanjiam national Leader) during handing over Nari Shakti Award to her. No one can believe that an ultra poor women who was not able to earn enough to get meal for a day, now came out of poverty, and showing path to 13 lakh poor families to replicate the same.

Vasimalai Sir is amazing man who created this model, promoted DHAN Foundation and Kalanjiam Program. He has a vision, which is now contributing very significantly to Women Strong India. Kalanjiam Strong India.
I got a chance to participate in national level board meeting of Kalanjiam Movement. Being with all the board members I’m feeling really amazing.

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