When I was about to die



I had an accident: 24 Jan 2015, afternoon I was travelling with my subordinate staff. He was driving bike and I was on the pillion. The road was straight and we were quite slow. Suddenly we have seen one car coming from opposite direction and due to steering fail get misbalance ahead of 200 metre of us. We stopped at the same time in our roadside. But the car was in speed and due to a use of power brake it came toward us by drifting…and Baaadaaam…accident! For the moment I felt ‘game over’ and don’t know what happen during the time. But after getting hope I could see. Everything was okay. Thank God! Besides, bike crashed, my laptop was broken and smartphone get damage., anyway all 3 people involved in the accident are safe, so no issue about wealth loos. Here are some pictures after the accident..

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