Global Warming and Development

The global warming is the effect of the increment of temperature over the entire surface,  effect of Global warming is clearly visual in the climate as increased sea level, storm, heat waves, droughts, floods, etc.  Global warming and climate change both are the relative terms; climate change refers to regional climate characteristics such as temperature, wind, humidity, rain etc. Similarly, as global warming effect of climate change can see as worldwide average in terms of temperature, a level of cloudiness, weather (like somewhere drier and somewhere wetter)  also the risk of climate change could be the storm, heat waves, flood etc. If we are looking at the effect of the “Global Warming” it has both side positive (very little) and negative (very high).  Hence the global warming having the more negative influence over the world so, we have lots of problem and challenges have to face due to global warming. At the same time, we can’t avoid the challenge for the development sector, subsequently by keeping the situation in mind, how we are going to address, manage and overcome it.

The cause of global warming is possible from both side natural and human-made; natural causes of the global warming occurs in a very long time period due to some natural causes for example “earth climate change cycle” (but the duration is very long usually last about 40,000 years), another one example is methane gas from arctic tundra as well from wetland. The methane is greenhouse gas that consumes the heat of the earth’s atmosphere.

At the current time human-made causes are more effective and harmful; like pollution in different shape and size that is causes of several problems, some more causes like burned coal give CO2 (one of the primary greenhouse gas); digging deeply the earth, exploitation of natural resources creates the several problems, for example, escaping the methane from the earth ground that is very harmful to the earth as well for the living being. Global warming has very few positive impacts too, for example, global warming is good for the places those are suffering due to very low temperature. But overall global warming is a big threat for the human being or for the world.

Effect of global warming creates the several problems and its influence having all over on the earth, so it is necessary to think about and to find the possibilities for the better future of upcoming generation as well for the existing one (hence we can’t think to escape, we have only one choice). The current situation facing the world clearly shows that the human created causes are more harmful than natural, whereas it having several reasons like pollution; industrialization; digging the earth; population: hence the number of people rises to more number of demand, more increasing need, similarly raining the need of transportation and use of modern machines, Vehicle, emission from fossil fuel, digging of natural resources as well exploitation of natural resources, etc. The more Population having the power to produce more CO2 (hence people are breath out CO2) and CO2 is cause of global warming and the another effect of population is expanding the need for residential area as well work area and similarly to fulfillment of their need they are exploiting the natural resources such as tree (the one vital part of Ecosystem) for their various need like to avail agriculture land for the food, wood for housing.

If we are looking effect of global warming in the different segment such as plains: Because of Global warming the region getting more heated compare to the earlier stage. Coastal: this context has the threat of flood because of extra rain and suddenly increment of the water level. Polar: The risk of melting the Polar Ice Cap due to the global warming that directly may change the water level of the sea as per the retrieved data from the website “A large portion of the Polar Ice Cap might melt making sea level rise 16-20 feet. A rise of 20 feet in the sea level could cover most of the state of Florida“. Forest: the forest is getting dry and could be the possibility in future as well; the increment of thunderstorm and heat causes the dryness of forest and less no of tree effecting directly to the climate.

The development perspective, global warming and confliction between rich and poor: the world is blaming each other for the cause of the global warming such as poor countries blaming developed countries for it, in other words, they want to say rich countries exploited the natural resources for the modernization and after exploiting the resources now they realized that. Now they are to prohibiting the poor/developing countries (hence they are rich in a resource, but they have to need to use the resources for the development) to being developed by using the word global warming as a defense. Like African countries having some political issues to use of their resource and about industrialization, and it creates such kinds of political violence. If we are looking at developing countries like India and China both countries increased the power consumption and still they don’t have control over it, similarly confliction among the countries regarding the development and the problem of global warming. The perspective of climate change is different for the rich and poor countries for example for the rich countries problem is environmental but for the poor countries they have different mindset hence they have to improve their current status so they want to use their resources and similarly they differences in terms of investment of money regarding climate change adoption; apart from that Industrialization and modernization is the also a big question mark if we think about the Global Warming such as power consumption and the pollution, while the world is bothering about Global Warming.

Development and global warming: the threat of global warming may be seen as a whole world but in fact poor are more vulnerable compared to the rich people due to several reasons; if we are looking at the development perspective the several threat may be possible like scarcity of water: if we are looking simply human are affected by several dimension due to global warming and similarly it is the threat of the development, like increasing the temperature due to the Global Warming effected directly on the earth, the increasing heat could be the cause of scarcity of water due to more vaporization and it directly related to more consumption of water among the living being as well as earth consuming more water, decreasing the water is also force people to migrate from the respected place due to the lack of water, the lack of water effect directly on occupation of people such as agriculture, livestock rearing etc. Diseases: The increasing temperature and changing the climate favoring the several diseases such as malaria (temperature is supportive for the mosquito, cause of the malaria bugs); Dengue is another type of disease that causes by mosquitoes, and last time we saw in India several death incidents happened due to it but the poor people are suffered more because they don’t have frequent access to health. And it indirectly effects on the Indian the economy like during Common Wealth Game 2011 lots of game lover and player refused to come in India due to Dengue diseases. During the rain Diarrhoeal diseases; transmission of enteric pathogens is high during the rainy season the childhood mortality due to this diseases is high in poor countries like Sub-Saharan Africa. The effect of drought is directly on health, deaths, malnutrition, another reason for the critical health condition is cold-waves and heat waves, sunlight and high temperatures. The cold is an issue for the development sector during cold we found several cases of death, during winter season lots of death happening in India and here the vulnerable community is poor and similarly for heat waves during summer. The another problem is ground level ozone increases that we can consider as a scientific issue related to the global warming and the result is already well known by all of us. According to the World Health Organization “Climate change was estimated to have been responsible for 3% of diarrhea, 3% of malaria, and 3.8% of dengue fever deaths worldwide in 2004. Total attributable mortality was about 0.2% of deaths in 2004; of these, 85% were child deaths” so, we can clearly found several threats that relate to development sector due to Global Warming.

Global Warming and development is not the only current issue we have to think about; not only the current generation the unborn generation also have right to live on the earth. The changes is massive or on the whole earth, so we need to think about to keep the resources for a long time and save the world by the global warming issue and control the several problems; as the development point of view we never wants to see these drastic changes such as scarcity of water, spreading of diseases, flood, temperature fluctuation, migration of people, economic issues such as effect on agriculture, conflict between the countries, increasing use of energy, oil, and gas, minerals resources, etc. By looking at the several dimension it’s clear that we need to adopt the climate change as well as convert it into a movement to save the world from several problems and reduce the development threat’s, as well equity in sense of developed, developing and poor countries having balance control to adopt the climate changes, we can also give knowledge and education about the climate change, global warming and its effect to encourage the people to put their hand forward to make the differences from now And finally it’s better to say that the active effort by each of us could be helpful to protect the planet for us and for the upcoming generation. During last decade in different parts of world there are several disaster issues happened and the influence is highly seen on vulnerable community and they took a long time to overcome from the problem for example recently incident of cold storm in Europe, coastal storm, Tsunami, earthquake etc. to overcome from these problem people have to struggle so much, people are struggling to find solution to fight with the natural disasters, besides exploitation of natural resources created already big problems for the human being (as discussed already). At this situation sustainable development is a big challenge for the world, for that we have to search solution over the available resources for example overflow of the river water created floodplain, that covers a large geographical area and it could be useful for the agriculture purpose (hence floodplain is good for the vegetation) that make some opportunity for the human being. Beside before doing it, we need to think about the flood that can make the disaster on a floodplain. By the principal of hazard management, we can think about the development of agriculture by using natural resources such as forest, floodplain, and wetland, riparian area etc. for that social system should be able to manage hence to manage the hazard by utilizing the resources is not an easy task.  Apart from that, we can think about awareness including some educational policy regarding the hazard management.  According to the Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change (IPCC), “the average surface temperature will increase between 1.4 C to 5.8 C  by the year 2100 if no significant effort is undertaken to reduce greenhouse gas emission” due to the CO2 remain century or even longer.  For the sustainable development, we need to think about how we are going to keep it in control even continuing to the modern world to secure a good life of our future generation.




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