It’s a girl: A secret

The three deadliest words in the world… It’s a girl: A secret

Female infanticide is still continuing since a long time. And the main reason is to give more preference to the male babies and neglecting the female babies. In the world, several selective deaths occurred throughout the history. The current picture of the World could be quite different from the current situation if the child will be alive. India and China both are the biggest countries in the world in terms of population and both having more infanticide case compare to the other part of the world. Critics are blaming on several terms that are responsible for female babies killing like it’s usually people say that ‘the reason is the backward cultural tradition’. Another factor is a mix-up of both the government policy and the preference of the parents. Eliminating more female infants is an issue in India and China. Their practice of killing unwanted girl child is increasing in both of the countries. It’s a girl; the film is focusing the practice of killing unwanted girl child in the world particularly in south Asia. It seems quite surprising after looking at the UN reports that show that approximately 200 million girls missing from the world at present. If we consider India and China, the ratio is very high to eliminate more female infants that higher than the number of girls born in the US each year. The touching parts the case about the parents of the children those who are doing this by their own choices. Day by day sex ratio is getting of reduced, it could be one indicator that showing the risk on all over the world due to girl child killing, not just in India and China. The case is focusing the issue of killing the unwanted baby girl, but here the question is ‘why the baby girls are unwanted?’ and why India and China having more practice of killing unwanted baby girl child? And it is the challenge how to uncover the reason and how to overcome from this.

In south Asia, in several places, parents are very biased in the case of gendercide. The male having more preference than the girl, other than that some family is not killing but they are showing their willingness to taking care of the girl child same as the boy for example in terms of: in their education, food, medicine, shelter, etc.

The influence of the issue is more in south Asia could be is it somehow its effect of poverty, could be due to that country like India and China are more affected. But only poverty is not the reason through that we can justify the causes of the missing women. Like it having some different factors also like the influence of the culture. So, it difficult to say that if the country will overcome from poverty then people will stop doing this. But it could be the one big factor to reduce the problem. Besides, we can’t say that the poverty is the prime cause, for example, it is not that much effective on poverty stricken societies in Africa. Spreading the technology is also one of the main reasons such as the popularity of prenatal screening (especially in middle class) and doing abortion, due to that in last decade 8 million female fetuses aborted in India. Reaching the modern technology to the common people easily encouraged them, through that people are able to uncover the sex during the pregnancy period itself. The invention of the sex selection technology brings the significant changes both negative and positive but here only it having the negative impact. It was invented in the West and adopted widely in Asia; it exported in Asia by American military officials and Western aid donors to control over the spreading population.  But when people are able to identify the sex abortion takes place widely. Besides, it having some positive impact like those parents (both Indian and Chines) wants a son for that they are going for daughter and daughter, and the chain will not discontinue unless they have a son or they have more daughters. But it causes to spreading the population. Apart from that government population control policy also encourages the abortion, as per one published article on The Economist a sociologist replied after asking the impact of the government policy if it is not allowed the abortion then he replied: “I don’t think sex-selective abortion would have become so popular.”  According to UNICEF, “A report from Bombay in 1984 on abortions after prenatal sex determination stated that 7,999 out of 8,000 of the aborted fetuses were females. Sex determination has become a lucrative business”

In India people still having a practice of female infanticide; the same message tried to show in the movie, “It’s a girl” the film is focusing the practice of killing unwanted girl child in the world particularly in south Asia. One scene showing that One Indian woman that killed their own 8 female children and who confess that she killed their eight infant daughters; as well she is showing the place where she brut their daughters. According to the UN reports “approximately 200 million girls in the world today are ‘missing’. India and China are said to eliminate more female infants than the number of girls born in the US each year” The movie projects the possibility of a big risk on all over the world due to girl child killing, not just in India and China. In Tamil-Nadu (1993), 196 died girl found died under suspicious circumstances. The girl child is getting killed by the different way of putting clothes over the mouth, putting the baby into the vessel(full of milk) using salt, poisonous powder. In 1995, during a survey of 1250 family in Tamil-Nadu, 249 families were accepted to kill their unwanted girl child, also 740 families having only one girl child, that showing the less importance of the girl child in that place. One case comes into focus in 1993 from the Dahlberg (Tamil Nadu):

“Lakshmi already had one daughter, so when she gave birth to a second girl, she killed her. For the three days of her second child’s short life, Lakshmi admits, she refused to nurse her. To silence the infant’s famished cries, the impoverished village woman squeezed the milky sap from an oleander shrub, mixed it with castor oil, and forced the poisonous potion down the newborn’s throat. The baby bled from the nose, then died soon afterward. Female neighbors buried her in a small hole near Lakshmi’s square thatched hut of sunbaked mud. They sympathized with Lakshmi, and in the same circumstances, some would probably have done what she did. For despite the risk of execution by hanging and about 16 months of a much-ballyhooed government scheme to assist families with daughters, in some hamlets of … Tamil Nadu, murdering girls is still sometimes believed to be a wiser course than raising them. “A daughter is always liabilities. How can I bring up a second?” Lakshmi, 28, answered firmly when asked by a visitor how she could have taken her own child’s life eight years ago. “Instead of her suffering the way I do, I thought it was better to get rid of her.” (All quotes from Dahlburg, “Where killing baby girls ‘is no big sin’.”)”

Here the question is why boy are more preferred than a girl? It has several factors because of that person preferring a male child than a girl. Such as Male child are more responsible for the taking care of family like earning the money for their family, funeral process after death of their parents(it is restricted only boy can do the funeral process not the girl in several communities.), inheriting the property of the family and taking care of their parents when they became old.

I south Asia, one of the main causes for the reducing the sex ratio is the traditional belief to giving more preference to the son due to some social factors. The family having the belief that fame of their next generation should be bear only by the son, not only to inherit the family name as well their wealth and for the taking the responsibility of the funeral process. Consequently female are not preferred because they are not allowed to bear the social responsibility as a boy. The girl is considering as indebt-ness, they can’t earn money as a boy due to some social restriction such as caste. Another problem is dowry system that discourages people to keeping more girl child. In some community dowry is very high even many families having difficulties to bear the amount, as a result, they are not able to marriage their daughter in a good family, as well many of having to burden of loan. Besides family doesn’t have to think about the marriage of their son also as a surplus they are demanding dowry. And to being biased is not surprising in India it is also found that family having the bias in feeding, usually boy having better care than the girl in terms of flooding, health education, clothing, etc.

In the case of China missing the baby, the child is mainly due to the policy of the government. The trend of missing the female child is raised during the 1980s. The government is following the strict policy to control the population. According to the one report issued by the World Health Organization’s Regional Committee for the Western “more than 50 million women were estimated to be ‘missing’ in China because of the institutionalized killing and neglect of girls due to Beijing’s population control program that limits parents to one child.” In 1999, the imbalance between the sex ratio causes distorted 111 million male children in China. Due to these women related crime is getting increased like kidnapping, slave trading etc. China government took some steps to prohibit the female infanticide and selective abortion of female fetuses. Also through the law the strictly prohibits it. Also, they avoid using the ultrasound machine but it still continues in some places by the physicians.

Selective-sex killing is the one indicator of the low status of the women around the world in many societies as well in India and China. Besides it difficult to say that who is responsible for it. Like in both of the countries India and China, there is a tradition to shift the women at the husband house after the marriage. If we are looking from the parent side as a security they have also as a need of someone who can take of them when they are old as well taking care of responsibility and property of them. In India, this situation could be manageable by keeping son along with daughter (hence it is not restricted in India) but In china, parents can’t manage with an only single girl child. Other than that, people having traditional belief also to giving preference to the male child. The chilling point of the case is women having the involvement to killing the female child by their own belief. And the most disappointing factor is somewhere people don’t consider sin to kill a baby girl. It is possible to get control over it in the future but it needed a combined movement of between both government and public. The movement could be to promote equality between both girl and boy. Making a change in the traditional belief, government policy to promote women, addressing this is a significant issue and promoting highly through communication media, making some law and order to punish the people.



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