Jharkhand and ethnicity

Jharkhand is the 28th state of India; formed as a new state on 15th November 2000. The capital of Jharkhand is Ranchi whereas the total no of the district is 24. Jharkhand is very rich in natural resources that make it cool weather in most of the as well beautiful geographical area.

Some key detail about Jharkhand:

  • Home of various tribes, about 32 tribes resides in here
  • Home of the various languages that belongs to major language families like Indo-Aryan, Munda and Dravidian
  • Indo-Aryan languages family: Angika, Nagpuri (Sadri), Hindi, Urdu, Oriya, and Bengali.
  • Munda languages family: Kurmali, Korku, Santhali, Mundari, Bhumij, Kharia and Ho.
  • Dravidian languages family: Korwa, Oraon, and Paharia.
  • Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sarana, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism these are the religions practiced in Jharkhand.


Jharkhand has the rich number of religious places, in which some of them has the national popularity and nearby states. According to the history, it is the birthplace of many of the god and goddesses of India.  Here in the following all places, we can see the importance, remoteness and other features of all those places by important bullet points.

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